Moldability And Design Consultancy

MOLDABILITY is a very important and critical concept regarding parts to be manufactured by plastic injection molding. As a brief explanation; moldability is the control, correction and final validation of the part design considering plastic designing rules, mold design & manufacturing techniques and properties of the selected plastic raw material. The number of needed and applicable tool cavities also directly influenced by the moldability of the part design data. If a part design is moldable, this means that a proper and productive mold can be manufactured, a right injection molding process could be applied and finally, a good and qualified part could be achieved.

MAKKALIP is an experienced solution partner for checking your 3D design data and drawing according to moldability rules. We apply draft analysis, control wall thickness, rib designs, parting line & parting surface, best gating area and gating type… In light of these various analyses and evaluations, we provide you strong presentations with design recommendations and also share modified 3D data. Depending on part design and flow complexity, we may also apply detailed flow analysis as well.

Taking into account the annual part need and tool complexity, we also support our customer in order to define the optimum (price/quality) tool cavitation number. MAKKALIP also evaluates the most economic and productive mold design and manufacturing solutions for our customers. We analyze cold/hot runner choice, runner design and gating, side action mechanisms (mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chain mechanism, gear mechanism…), utilization of lifter systems, sensor applications, rotational cores… and inform our customer accordingly with detailed offers.