Document Number: GD05 | Release Date: 01.03.2013 | Revision No: 2 | Revision Date: 04.01.2021

Customer Happiness:

Our aim is to meet international standards in automotive, electromechanical and
By producing plastic injection parts for other sectors, we provide our customers with product and service quality.
To maximize customer satisfaction by meeting their needs and expectations completely
and ensuring its continuity.

Employee Participation and Continuing Education:

The basis of our success is “Quality product, quality people
Makkalıp Ltd. Şti. to instill that it is an integral part and
to provide training that will ensure their continuous development.

Continuous improvement:

With the constant and joint work of all our units and stakeholders
to improve and develop our processes in accordance with the changing conditions and expectations of the day
Our company’s policy and commitment to ensure its effectiveness and efficiency.