The choice of the right plastics raw material for a design project can be critical to the success of the product. Moreover, it has also a direct influence on part cost, tooling costs, tool design, injection molding process parameters and moldability.

Therefore, raw material selection is the most important step for having proper parts. Even the right polymer is selected, there are still hundreds of various sub-grades to be chosen. MAKKALIP has great expertise in order to orient you to the right and economic polymer type and grade that will secure the technical specs while still being profitable.

MAKKALIP has been working directly with world-class material suppliers such as DuPont, BASF, DSM, CELANESE… to keep on the cutting edge of resin technology and upcoming trends.

Plastics parts for technical applications usually have to meet a whole range of requirements. These requirements include and not limited to minimum values for strength, stiffness; thermal deformation temperature, impact resistance, environmental stress resistance, chemical resistance and UV resistance. In assemblies, these requirements may include coefficient of friction; wear resistance, compatibility with other materials, etc. Decorating & Assembly processes like printing, painting, coating, welding, do have a specific impact on the selection of material.

While choosing the right plastics raw material, a balance needs to be sought between costs, manufacturing feasibility and finding the right material for the job. Therefore, it is always good to start a matrix that matches the design demands versus the cost to see which would be the optimum material to use. Here expertise on plastics material comes in picture.