MAKKALIP manufactures various automotive parts for his various global customers and export these parts to Europe, South America and India. You may see our automotive part portfolio according to different product groups as below :

Engine Cooling and Air Intake Components

MAKKALIP manufactures various engine cooling and air intake connectors, with standard (I, L, H, T, Y) and with many specific shapes. Hydrolysis resistant and heat stabilized glass fibred raw materials such as PA66-GF30, PA66-GF35, PPS-GF35, PPS-GF40…mostly used for these applications.

MAKKALIP also manufactures completely assembled components such as quick fits, connectors with caps and/or o-rings, connectors with thermostats, connectors with Schrader caps, connectors for HENN …

Assembled products 100% tested with ATEQ leak test according to customer specifications. Overmolded and/or tight fit metal inserts also utilized for such products.

Hose Connection and Clipping Components

MAKKALIP manufactures clipping parts with or without over-molded inserts from various materials. Toughened and heat stabilized raw materials such as PA6, PA66 and PBT are widely used.

Oil Pump Components

MAKKALIP manufactures oil pump components. End caps are manufactured in order to protect the pump. Pump connectors are also manufactured. Other product groups for oil pumps are “spring guides”. We manufacture various spring guides mainly from PA4.6

Viper / Field of Vision Components

MAKKALIP manufactures various viper components such as wiper arm connection parts, end caps, motor connection components. Main raw material GRADES used for these applications are POM

Mechanism Components

MAKKALIP manufactures various plastic and plastic over-molded parts for various mechanisms such as bonnet, clutch pedal, door